Below is some information you might find useful. It is only the tip of the iceberg really, I suggest you look at some of the websites listed on my Useful Links page.
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Cancer Facts

Nutrients Of Limu Extract

Suggested Reading

Cancer Journey Handbook
by Cherie Nobbs

Cancer: What is happening to me & what can I do about it?
by Shaun Watson

Heal Cancer - Choose your Survival Path
by Dr Ruth Cilento

Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism
by Andreas Moritz

Cure Your Cancer
by Bill Henderson

Cancer Cure, Cause and Cover Up
by Ron Gdanski

The Cancer Cure that worked - 50 years of Suppression
by Barry Lynes

The Breuss Cancer Cure
by Rudolf Breuss
Outsmart Your Cancer
by Tanya Harter Pierce


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my views on cancer or cures.
They are here to provoke thought,
provide inspiration and encourage
you to be empowered.